Will DPI Water undertake central water planning for LWUs? Your response is urgently needed!

25 Jan 2016
A review of reporting and compliance burdens on Local Government by IPART recommends centralising water planning for all local water utilities (LWUs) in NSW.

The Water Directorate has engaged Atom Consulting to assist with our response to IPART's review. We are particularly concerned about Recommendations 10 – 12 (see attached briefing note) as well as the short review timeframe.

To develop a common position on the response, Atom Consulting will undertake a number of tasks including a survey to assist in compiling member councils’ views. The Water Directorate will send out a draft Position Paper on Friday 29 January asking for your input.

The survey needs to be returned by Friday 5 February, ahead of IPART’s public hearing on Monday 8 February where the Chair of Water Directorate Executive Committee will be representing the Water Directorate’s views.

Gary Mitchell
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