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Established in 1999, the Water Directorate provides focused technical information to its members. Our aims include:

  • providing an independent source of advice to councils on water and sewerage operations
  • promoting a more efficient operation of Local Government water and sewerage infrastructure;
  • providing direction on technical issues;
  • providing networking opportunities for water and sewerage engineers to share knowledge and improve communication within the industry


The Water Directorate has 87 members out of a total of 90 local water utilities in New South Wales. Membership of the Water Directorate is open to all councils and county councils providing water supply and/or sewerage services to local government areas in NSW. Click here to see a full list of members.


Comprised of 20 representatives, 18 elected from the membership and 2 nominated from Local Government NSW, the Executive Committee meets on a regular basis to discuss the activities and direction of the Water Directorate.

Representatives are elected every two years with nominations provided by General Managers of member councils. If more than 2 nominations are received from a particular region, an election is held with only General Managers eligible to vote. Click here for a list of the Executive Committee members.

Our STRATEGIC PLAN 2019-2024

We have a 5-year strategic plan that sets out our broad objectives on behalf of the regional water sector, our key roles and our strategies and actions to achieve our objectives.   

Our Strategic Plan 2019-2024 is available for download here.

Constitution of the Water Directorate

The Water Directorate is incorporated under the NSW Associations Incorporation Act 2009 . A copy of our Constitution can be downloaded here.


Information on the membership and activities of the Water Directorate can be obtained by contacting the Executive Officer, Brendan Guiney brendan.guiney@waterdirectorate.asn.au

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