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23 Jan 2018
For the first time, the NSW Water Directorate has sponsored a half scholarship in 2018 for an award-winning professional development program run by the International WaterCentre. Water engineers from Water Directorate member councils were eligible to apply. The winner, Lalji Rathod, Operations Engineer from Kempsey Shire Council, explains what he hopes to learn from the program.

What motivates you in your current role?
I am motivated by the diversity of my work, both technical and non-technical, as well as the challenge of people management.

What major leadership challenges you currently face?
My challenges include management of teams and individual needs with limited authority. Also exerting a positive influence on team members, to motivate them to achieve organisational goals in an effective manner.

Kempsey Shire Council is currently going through a period of transformation to rebuild the shire. My present challenge is to prepare myself and my team to positively steer through and contribute to the transformation phase and assist senior leaders to bring about the change.

How do you think the Water Leadership Program will benefit you in your role?
This program is customised for the water sector and is highly relevant with where I am at in my current career path. I am aiming to learn further about leadership development by way of using the course material and Dr Andre Taylor's expertise, as well as from other industry peers who will be attending this course.

I believe this will help me not only in my current role with KSC but also for my future participation in the Australian water industry. I am indeed very grateful for the support of the NSW Water Directorate for approval of my partial scholarship to attend this program and my organisation for supporting me and allowing time and resources for me to attend this course for my personal development.

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