WSAA - Towards the Digital Water Utility Conference

18 Aug 2014

The upcoming WSAA conference titled WSAA - Towards the Digital Water Utility Conference is on 10-11 September 2014 in Melbourne. Attendance is available both live and in a new on-line format.

The purpose of the Conference is to share and learn what is going on in big data, digital metering and information systems and technologies converging to enable operations efficiency and customer excellence. We'll also be updating on suggestions and actions that came out of the 2013 Conference.

Last year WSAA had 120 people from 34 utilities attend the Conference and one of the strong messages was smart metering creates little value unless it is part of a broader organisation digital strategy.  Extracting value and operational efficiency from digitizing operations reaches right across a utility organisational structure and can significantly change the way we design and deliver customer service, asset management, planning, billing, revenue collection, IT, operations and metering.  For details of the agenda and to register please go to the event page.

For those keen on participating via the Live Online presentation, WSAA will have three in room cameras (audience, facilitator, speaker/panel), camera mixing desk controller, a dedicated online master of ceremonies, technical training prior to the conference to familiarise participants with the conferencing technology, dedicated 20 MGps upload internet connection form the conference room, backup audio teleconference and technical help desk. Prices for attending an on-line session will start at $45/session/person for WSAA Members, with heavy discounts for groups.

The event coordinator on behalf of WSAA is Joe Flynn. He is available for direct confirmation of information about the conference, including the setup of online options. His details or 0408 995 842.

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