Third party infrastructure on water supply reservoirs – new guidelines

26 Oct 2017

Local Water Utilities are well aware that many third parties – in particular licensed telecommunications carriers – have significant legislative powers to enter property and then to both install and maintain infrastructure on existing structures. Water supply reservoirs are a particularly favoured location due to the elevation of these facilities.

To assist members in responding to this challenging situation, the Water Directorate commissioned Third Party Infrastructure on Water Supply Reservoirs Guidelines – Part 1 Engineering Aspects, a joint publication with Queensland Water Directorate. The guidelines were developed by Murray Thompson Water Supply Services and Aqualift Project Delivery.

A second volume on this topic, Part 2 Legal Aspects, is in the pipeline for production later in the year.

If you are interested in a case study, check out Ulladulla’s Telcos on Tanks blog.

All publications are available for free download from the Members Area of the website.

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