Revised O&M Manual Sewage Pumping Stations

08 Mar 2017
Operations & Maintenance Manual

An updated edition of the Water Directorate’s Operations and Maintenance Manual for Sewage Pumping Stations has been mailed to General Managers of our 87 member Councils. This is the first of several O&M manuals undergoing revision this year, under the Water Directorate’s policy of reviewing technical publications after ten years.

The manual is in two volumes: Volume 1 Templates provides guidance for local water utilities to prepare their own O&M manual, and Volume 2 Reference Materials provides additional technical reference material to enable LWUs to demonstrate they are operating their sewage pumping stations in accordance with industry best practice.

The publication includes a USB with Word and pdf files, so that LWUs can adapt the templates to suit their specific local installations and conditions. 

The revised manual combines two earlier O&M manuals: Submersible Sewage Pumping Stations and Wet & Dry Well Sewage Pumping Stations, first published in 2000-2001 and revised in 2003-2004.

All Water Directorate publications are available for sale to non-members, via the website Bookshop.

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