Publication of Easement Guidelines

15 Jun 2015

The Water Directorate is very pleased to have developed in conjunction with the IPWEA (NSW) Roads & Transport Directorate the Easement Guidelines on behalf of our member councils. A copy was posted to the General Manager of all our member councils last Friday.

Member councils of both Directorates regularly encounter easements and come across circumstances where there is a need to obtain an easement. Therefore Maddocks were instructed by both the Water Directorate and the IPWEA (NSW) Roads & Transport Directorate to prepare the Easement Guidelines for the benefit of our members.

The intention of the Easement Guidelines is to deal with easements acquired by private commercial agreement and not easement acquisition under the Just Terms Act. It provides a step-by-step guide for the creation and use of easements; when they are required, how they are obtained and practical issues regarding easement acquisition. It also outlines occasions when an easement will be requested from an Authority. In addition, the Easement Guidelines complement our previous publication, the Land Matters Guidelines.

An online copy of the Easement Guidelines is available from the members’ area of the Water Directorate’s website. Additional copies can also be purchased from the bookstore.

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