Port Macquarie Forum Feedback

16 Sep 2014

The Water Directorate recently hosted the Water Directorate Forum at the Local Government NSW Water Management Conference held at the Glasshouse in Port Macquarie. The Forum was well attended by approximately 70 conference delegates.

The format of the Forum encourages open discussion of the topics with a panellist introducing each topic and providing a brief summary of the issues and/or actions that have been undertaken to date. The topics chosen for the Forum were designed to provoke discussion amongst the attendees and included the following:

  • a review of our recent submissions
  • backflow prevention and cross connection controls
  • dam owners and operators group
  • fluoridation of public water supplies and
  • the future role of the Water Directorate.

A summary of the main discussion points from each of the topics covered at the Forum is available. Please contact Gary Mitchell with any queries regarding the Water Directorate Forum to raise issues for discussion by the Executive Committee.


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