New publication for dam owners

17 Aug 2016

The Water Directorate’s latest publication: Review of Dams Safety Bill 2015 was mailed out to LWUs that own prescribed dams, along with annual membership invoices earlier this month.

The review details the regulatory impacts on LWUs as a result of the replacement of the old Dams Safety Act 1978 with the new Dams Safety Bill 2015. The aim is to offer LWUs that are responsible for the operation and maintenance of prescribed/declared dams, a better understanding the potential resourcing implications for your organisation.

It is business as usual until the Bill is passed into law and becomes an Act. This is likely to take some months as regulations and standards underpinning the Act are yet to be developed.

The review was prepared for the Water Directorate by NSW Public Works. The publication is available for download from the Water Directorate website.

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