New Executive Officer for thriving Water Directorate

21 Mar 2019
Brendan Guiney has been appointed Executive Officer of the Water Directorate, the second person in the role since the Water Directorate was formed in 1998.

Brendan is a civil engineer with post-graduate qualifications in project management and business administration. He has 22 years’ experience working in a Local Water Utility, most recently as Director Water Services at MidCoast Council.

“The opportunity to continue the fantastic work of the NSW Water Directorate was unmissable.” Brendan said. “I look forward to working with the Executive Committee and meeting with our member Councils, fellow associations and regulatory agencies as we progress the NSW Water Directorate’s new 5-year strategic plan.”

Brendan will become Executive Officer on 29 April, following the retirement of 20-year veteran in the role, Gary Mitchell. The respect with which the Water Directorate is viewed within the local government water industry is largely due to Gary’s dedicated service as Executive Officer from the very beginning.

Brendan notes that for the first time this year, the Water Directorate has achieved 100 percent membership of every local water utility in New South Wales. “The impressive thing about this is that all 89 General Managers across the State have individually formed the view that the Water Directorate provides a valuable service to their organisation, Brendan said. “This is a credit to Executive Committee’s leadership and Gary’s hard work.”

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