Minutes of Annual General Meeting 2015

26 Nov 2015
The Water Directorate's Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday 12 November 2015. A quorum was achieved with 18 eligible attendees at the meeting and all requirements under the Incorporated Associations Act were satisfied.

Jeff Sharp, Chair of the Water Directorate, provided the following summary:
  • Liaison with the State Government Departments and associations remained a major focus particularly as the ‘Fit for the Future’ reform agenda continues.
  • During the year Executive Committee member Doug Hill retired after 16 years; We thank Doug and Tamworth Regional Council for his time and contributions.
  • Welcome two new committee members Bruce Logan and Graham Gordon.
  • Also during the past year Greg Matthews was appointed to the Executive Committee from LGNSW.
  • I want to acknowledge the outstanding contribution of Stewart McLeod as the only Executive Committee member remaining from the inaugural meeting almost 17 years ago. On behalf of the Executive Committee we thank Stewart for his efforts and enthusiasm over this time.
  • Would like to thank staff members Gary Mitchell, Eloise Stanley and Michael Clark for their excellent support of the Water Directorate’s activities. Also welcome Juliet Cobb to the publications role, following Eloise’s resignation.

Gary Mitchell, Executive Officer of the Water Directorate, reported the following:

In 2014/15 membership remained at 97/102 or 95% for a fourth year.

During the year four Water Directorate projects were undertaken and three were completed and distributed to member councils. These included:

  • Revised Blue-Green Algae Decision Flowchart in September ‘14
  • New Guidelines for Trenchless Installation, Replacement or Rehabilitation of Pipelines Management Protocols in March ‘15
  • New Easement Guidelines in June ‘15
  • Revised Draft s64 Guidelines – not finalised due to insufficient data for reliable analysis
  • New WIOA Practical Guide to the Optimisation of Activated Sludge Plants purchased in October ‘14
  • No joint projects were undertaken in 2014/15.
  • Councilor Greg Matthews from Dubbo City Council filled the vacancy for the second LGNSW representative appointment

The minutes of the AGM and audited finances for the year 2014-15 are available below.  The 2014-15 Annual Review has also been published and can be viewed here.

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