Minutes of Annual General Meeting 2014

21 Nov 2014
The Water Directorate's Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday 13 November 2014. A quorum was achieved with 15 eligible attendees at the meeting and all requirements under the Incorporated Associations Act were satisfied.

Jeff Sharp, Chair of the Water Directorate, provided the following summary:

  • I want to acknowledge the outstanding contribution of Stewart McLeod as the previous Chair of the Water Directorate for almost 8 years. In particular, Stewart’s strong leadership skills have provided us with a steady base to address ongoing challenges in local government water reform. On behalf of the Executive Committee and all Water Directorate members we thank Stewart for his loyalty and commitment over this time.
  • During 2013/14 there were another five submissions to State Government reviews which require a lot of resources and input from members. All the Executive Committee members who contributed to these submissions are thanked for their input.
  • Liaison with the State Government Departments and associations remained a major focus. In particular, greater liaison with LG NSW will be essential over the next 12 months as we work together to address the ‘Fit for the Future’ reform agenda. 
  • The past twelve months marks 15 years of the Water Directorate. The number of publications that have been prepared and distributed over this period remains very impressive and something which we should be proud.
  • During the year several Executive Committee members resigned and/or retired including: David Byrne who retired after 15 years; David Tull who retired after 9½ years, Eric Poga who retired after 7 years, and Greg Finlayson who resigned after 2½ years. We thank all these committee members for their time and contributions.
  • During the past year new committee members included David Oxenham, Jim Collins and Kerrie Murphy. Jason Ip also rejoined after previously serving for 5 years. We are looking to these new members to set a clear direction through the forthcoming changes to local government.
  • Would like to thank the staff members, Gary Mitchell, Eloise Stanley and David Zhao for their continuing excellent support of the Water Directorate’s activities.

Gary Mitchell, Executive Officer of the Water Directorate, reported the following:

  • In 2013/14 membership remained at 97/102 or 95% for a third year. We are pleased that Lockhart Shire Council joined as a new member but note that Goldenfields Water County Council did not renew membership after being a member for 14 years.
  • During the year three Water Directorate projects were undertaken and three were completed and distributed to member councils. These included:
  • Revised Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control Guidelines (completed in 12/13 but held over till 13/14 and released July 13/14)
  • Guidelines for the Review of Environmental Factors in January ‘14 
  • Revised Blue Green Algae Management Protocols in April ‘14
  • Revised Cutting, Handling and Disposal of Asbestos Cement Pipe Guidelines (completed in 13/14 but held over till 14/15 and released July ‘14)
  • Only one joint project was undertaken in 2013/14 with the Roads and Transport Directorate. This addendum to the Easement Guidelines will be completed and distributed in 2014/15.
  • It should be noted that at the end of 2013/14 the committee included 2 original committee members, Doug Hill and Stewart McLeod, have now served continuously for almost 16 years since attending their first committee meeting in December ‘ 98.
  • A special thanks to the above mentioned committee members. During 2013/14 Stewart McLeod stepped down from the position of Chair after almost 8 years and congratulations to Stewart for his efforts and enthusiasm.
  • Unfortunately, the second LGNSW representative appointed during 2013/14, Cr Emanuel Tsardoulias, passed away. Our condolences were sent to his colleagues and family in a letter to LGNSW. This position has yet to be replaced by LGNSW. The LGNSW policy officer is also currently on leave and will return in January 2015.

Only one issue was put to a vote during Item 5 of the AGM. Jeff Sharp proposed that the membership fees in 2015-16 remain at the same level as 2014-15 to assist the association reduce the overall surplus of accumulated funds. The proposal was carried with a unanimous vote by all 15 eligible representatives.

The minutes of the AGM and audited finances for the year 2013-14 are available below.  The 2013-14 Annual Review has also been published and can be viewed here.

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