Just Three Weeks to the Water Directorate Forum

06 Aug 2014


The Water Directorate Forum is held each year as part of the Local Government NSW Water Management Conference and provides attendees with an opportunity to discuss issues of interest and concern to local water utilities in an open forum. This year the proposed topics for discuss include:

  • Fluoridation of public water supplies;
  • Backflow and Cross Connection Control;
  • Discussion on proposed Water Directorate projects including: Independent evaluation of sewer pipe rehabilitation; Energy use and efficiency for wastewater treatment plants; Co-funding of large research projects by members; and mentoring scheme for large members to share resources with smaller members; and
  • Overview of the Water Directorate submissions on the reform of Local Government and local water utilities the past 12 months including: National Water Commission’s Triennial Assessment and Urban Water Futures report; Urban Water Regulation Review; Local Government Acts Taskforce; and Independent Local Government Review Panel.


The Local Government NSW Water Management Conference will be held at the Glasshouse in Port Macquarie, 25-27 August 2014. We look forward to speaking with many of our members during the Conference and at the Forum.
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