Industry consolidation for DPI Water and WaterNSW

12 Jul 2016

Since 1 July, all customer-related operational functions have been transferred from DPI Water to WaterNSW, including management of groundwater, regulated and unregulated water.

DPI Water continues its policy, planning and regulatory role, including representing NSW’s interest at the national level and implementing the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

This consolidation of functions under WaterNSW creates a single contact point for the day-to-day business needs of rural water customers such as farmers and irrigators.

WaterNSW now handles:

  • customer transactions
  • compliance investigations for customers
  • licensing administration and billing
  • water quality monitoring
  • hydrometric assessment
  • metering
As part of the changes, up to 250 staff associated with water extraction licensing are being transferred from DPI Water to WaterNSW to support the increased focus on customer service.

Customers will receive information advising them in advance as the process unfolds in stages.

WaterNSW customer helpdesk 1300 662 077

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