Hot off the press: Smart Metering Technology

07 Dec 2017

Utility service providers are increasingly moving towards a smarter and more connected world. The Water Directorate’s latest publication Report on Smart Metering Technology offers member councils up-to-date information on smart metering technologies and how they can be used to manage and maintain water resources.

Data analytics are being used to transform the delivery of infrastructure services, particularly in the water industry where the increase in availability and acquisition of data can transform operations.

The Water Directorate engaged WaterGroup to prepare this report on the latest remote monitoring technologies, including comparing them in terms of costs, benefits, future proofing, etc.  The Report was mailed to General Managers this week and will be uploaded to the Members Area of the website shortly.

Note that the Water Directorate has no connection to WaterGroup and suggests LWUs make your own assessment of smart metering options. The outlook of the report is limited to two-to-five years, due to the evolving technology landscape.

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