Have your say on new rules for dam owners

07 Jun 2019
Dam owners have a four-week window to comment a new regulation for managing dam safety in NSW. The Dams Safety Committee wrote to all dam owners on 6 June, seeking feedback on the proposed Dam Safety Regulation 2019. The regulation and standards provide a new framework for declaring dams and demonstrating compliance to safety standards.
The Water Directorate is keen to hear from members who own dams about any issues you would like put forward on behalf of Local Water Utilities.  
One issue that will have significant consequences for dam owners: declared dams (previously known as prescribed dams) that don’t have operations and maintenance plans or emergency plans in place must develop these within six months of the commencement of the regulation. Declared dam owners will have a two-year transition period to make the other changes required by the regulation.
There is a website summarising the changes and explaining the submissions process in detail.  
Submissions close on 3 July 2019.

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