Guidelines to help apportion developer charges

26 Apr 2017

The Water Directorate’s Section 64 Determinations of Equivalent Tenements Guidelines have been revised to incorporate additional non-residential developments such as car washes, medical centres and retirement villages.

The revised Guidelines provide a basis for each Council to set appropriate ET loads for water and sewerage systems for various types of development. The Guidelines are to be used for input into the process of proportioning developer charges under s64 of the Local Government Act 1993 to ensure full and equitable cost recovery between different land use categories.

Data were collected by the Water Directorate from 19 Councils across NSW and analysed by the Western Research Institute of Charles Sturt University. Thanks are due to Water Directorate Executive Committee members for their input and to Tony Holmes of Shoalhaven Water in particular, who managed the project.

The Guidelines are being mailed to Water Directorate members and will be available shortly for free download from the website bookshop. Non-members may purchase a copy from the website.

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