Executive Committee Representatives for 2015-16 Announced

18 Dec 2014
We are pleased to announce that our biennial election process for Executive Committee members was finalised today and that 17 of the 18 positions have been filled. First we want to thank all the nominees for participating in this important process and congratulate the successful nominees. The biennial election process ensures that all nine regions are well represented with a balance between large and small, coastal and inland councils.

After sixteen years, only one original Executive Committee members remains: Stewart McLeod. A full list of the elected members for the 2015-16 Committee including the region and council they represent is available on the Members Directory. A vacancy in the New England region remains and anyone from this region interested in nominating is encouraged to contact Gary Mitchell.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank our retiring members during this last term: David Byrne, Doug Hill, Eric Poga, David Steller, David Tull and David Webb for their invaluable advise on previous committee/s. Both David Byrne and Doug Hill were representatives on the Executive Committee since its inception in 1998 and received medallions for 15 years of service to the Water Directorate. We thank them especially for their outstanding efforts.
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