Everything you wanted to know about Sewer Reticulation

26 Nov 2018
One of the changes in sewer reticulation over the past decade or so, is a greater focus on ensuring integrity and management of the reticulation.

This new emphasis is reflected in the 2018 edition of the Water Directorate’s O&M Manual on Sewer Reticulation. The manual was first produced in 2003 and the latest edition contains all the relevant information on mandatory requirements in the form of legislation or guidelines imposed by regulatory authorities.

There is information on asset management practices that underpin operation and maintenance decisions, and templates for Work Method Statements for all the tasks involved with sewer
reticulation work.

The manual has been mailed to each member council and may be downloaded for free from the Members Area of the Water Directorate website. Nonā€members may purchase the manual from the online Bookshop.

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