Bringing you up to date on Water Reticulation

29 Aug 2018

The Water Directorate’s latest contribution to best practice water management in New South Wales is a revised edition of the Operations and Maintenance Manual – Water Reticulation.

The manual is designed to be a template that local water utilities can adapt to generate your own manual.  A broad set of Safe Work Method Statements outline common water reticulation tasks, procedures, possible hazards and safety controls.

The manual was first produced in 2001 and updated in 2003. The 2018 edition reflects changes in the Public Health Act 2010 and associated regulations. There are Guidelines for Drinking Water Management Systems that must be adhered to.

Other legislative changes since the manual was originally produced include the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and Regulation 2017.

The manual is being mailed to member councils this week and will soon be available to non-members via the online bookshop. A Word version will be available for members to download free from the Members area of the website.

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