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Sewer Charges for Affordable Housing

Last Post 22/04/2024 3:47:27 PM by Shoalhaven City Council. 1 reply.
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Sewer Charges for Affordable Housing

22-04-2024 03:09 PM
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Clarence Valley Council has received an approach from a local affordable housing provider regarding reduced residential sewer charges for affordable housing. (Our 2024/25 Revenue Policy is going to Council for public exhibition on 23/04). My reading of the OLG’s “Pricing and Costing for Council Businesses: a Guide to Competitive Neutrality” ( is that as sewer is classified as a Category 1 businesses and Council does not pay tax, there is no "business case" to support offering reduced sewer water charges to affordable housing and if reduction in sewer charges is offered it should be as a donation (subsidy) from the General Fund. As over 30% of our sewer customers receive pensioner rebates, and a long term aim is that 10% of housing be classified as affordable housing, any such subsidy (if met from the sewer fund) would over time potentially result in a significant decrease in revenue. I note that a private business which pays tax could potentially make a business case by claiming any charge reduction as a tax deduction on the basis that it is a “donation” to a registered charity, but that option is not open to a Council.
The affordable housing provider implies in their submission to CVC that other LWUs do offer subsidies to sewer charges for affordable housing I was wondering how other Councils charge for affordable housing sewer charges?

Thanks in advance

Re: Sewer Charges for Affordable Housing

22-04-2024 03:47 PM
Shoalhaven City Council
by Shoalhaven City Council
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the below link is to our CSO Policy, as you will see it covers most of your questions but if not drop me a line.
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