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Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets

Last Post 28/03/2023 2:34:11 PM by Shoalhaven City Council. 1 reply.
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Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets

28-03-2023 10:22 AM
Tamworth Regional Council
by Tamworth Regional Council
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We have been told by out supplier that they can no longer supply Calcium Hypochlorite tablets for reservoir dosing because shipping companies are refusing to carry them from overseas. Has anyone else heard the same? Does anyone have any suppliers who are still provided Calcium Hypochlorite tablets?

My details are Jeremy Back at


Re: Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets

28-03-2023 02:34 PM
Shoalhaven City Council
by Shoalhaven City Council
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We have been experiencing a similar issue but we managed to get an order from Aqualyng.

Matt Kidd
Shoalhaven Water
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