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Spiral-wound Pipe Relining of 150mm Gravity Sewer

Last Post 13/01/2023 11:08:39 AM by 2 replies.
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Spiral-wound Pipe Relining of 150mm Gravity Sewer

06-01-2023 01:50 PM
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Hi All
I am seeking any information, advise, experiences or leassons learnt regarding the utilisation of Sprial-wound technology for the relining of 150mm sewer mains.
We have traditionally used CIPP exclusivily on 150mm mains due to cocerns regarding lose of bore from the host pipe, particulary with mis-aligned joints.
To date the only sprial wound we have done has been on 225mm and above.
I am interested to hear the experiences of others within the industry so please reach out if you have any advise.
Ben Freeman (0427270537)

Re: Spiral-wound Pipe Relining of 150mm Gravity Sewer

09-01-2023 03:26 PM
Shoalhaven City Council
by Shoalhaven City Council
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We have specified spiral wound technology exclusively as we have found issues with previous CIPP installations. The technology we specify is RibLoc which I understand is Interflows product. This does limit the market but the product has been
excellent with no issues. You will still have issues with mis aligned joints and some applicaitons but for the most applications this will do the job but with any relining you will always loose some capacity regardless of the technology. The benefit with spiral
wound is you can do it whilst the sewer is still in use. No need to shut down and pump trucks.

Matt Kidd
WAPD Manager Shoalhaven Water.

Re: Spiral-wound Pipe Relining of 150mm Gravity Sewer

13-01-2023 11:08 AM
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Hi Ben
Tamworth Regional Counicl has used both CIPP and Ribloc extensively on 150mm pipe. Ribloc does require more section repairs prior to relining to get the best results i.e. it is more susceptible to pipe displacement. We CCTV prior to tendering our lining and we make an assessment of the likely additional works/costs that may be experienced by the various lining methods. This allows better tender evaluation assessment to have a like for like comparison.
We seal all junctions, which is critical for Ribloc. Cutting new junctions in to Ribloc, particularly 150mm, requires a saddle type connection.
In short, if asset defects are well known prior to tendering Ribloc can provide a good quality result.
If you would like further information I can put you in touch with relevant staff.

Bruce Logan
Director Water and Waste
P 02 6767 5708 | M 0408 292 587 | E
437 Peel Street
PO Box 555 Tamworth NSW 2340
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