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Taste and Odour Issues

Last Post 16/09/2020 9:47:57 AM by Riverina Water County Council. 1 reply.
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Taste and Odour Issues

16-09-2020 08:57 AM
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Singleton Council are expereicning taste and odour issues in the reticulation system. Qualitative testing has been completed and complaints have been confirmed.
Currently testing for organics, MIB and Geosmin and awaiting results. Council has had any issues for over 20 years, and the PAC and Permanganate systems are currently offline and may require servicing. The preference is not to use PAC as it creates a number of operational issues for the treatment team and water users in the area.
Has any other utility had similar experiences recently and how has it been handled?

Re: Taste and Odour Issues

16-09-2020 09:47 AM
Riverina Water County Council
by Riverina Water County Council
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Riveirna Water experienced MIB in the Murrumbdigee River last October. We never experienced such an event before. We suspected changes to river flow conditions managed by WaterNSW's reponse to environmental flows. NSW Health were contacted but MIB issues are aestectic not health related. This was at the time of commissioning the new Wagga filtraiton plant which was designed to have UV retrofitted when/if HBTs are introduced. The event was managed by switching to groundwater supplies and monitoring levels of MIB in sourcewaters, filtered waters, floc sludge and reticulattion. Levels of MIB subsided naturally in the source water over 3 weeks to reintroduce river water source into reticulation system. We did not identify the source of MIB speaking to upstream LWUs. If it occurs again, we would begin sampling regime to help understand the mechanism. Contact me on 0408695681/ if you wish to discuss further. Jason Ip - Manager Operations
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