Water Loss Management Toolkit

This practical toolkit contains advice and resources to help councils and water utilities manage water losses to save water, save energy and defer capital investment in new water resources. It comprises two publications:
The Planning Guide is for water supply engineers and managers working for local water utilities. It explains the basic concepts involved with managing water losses from water supply networks. There are chapters on what is needed to develop a water loss management plan and how to monitor and review the plan.
The Operators’ Guide is for trained operators who are responsible for the on-ground management and maintenance of the water supply network, to help them carry out specific tasks. Checklists include using flow and pressure data to identify issues, and using a leak detection survey to pinpoint hidden leaks.
The Toolkit was produced by Central NSW Councils (Centroc) and is being distributed by the Water Directorate because the information is useful and relevant to all member councils.

These 2 documents have been zipped and are available as a download only.

This document is available as a download only.
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