Guidelines for the Review of Environmental Factors (REFs) - 2014

The Guidelines for the Review of Environmental Factors (REFs) is designed to provide LWUs with some guidance when assessing whether projects will or will not have a significant impact on the environment.  A REF may be either a ‘checklist’ type document for activities with minor and predictable impacts (like a residential water main extension or sewer replacement) or it may involve more detailed investigations and reports, for projects that are more complicated (like a new sewage treatment plant or a major pumping station or a water storage).
A Template for Small Projects has been developed by the Water Directorate which can be used by LWUs to assess small projects including water main extensions, sewer replacements/refurbishments or minor pump station upgrades. These are essential works that may cause some minor environmental impact outcomes such as noise or dust and that can be readily managed and mitigated. Three example REFs from both large and small LWUs have also been included for information purposes.

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