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Rescue Plans & Procedures as part of Confined Space

Last Post 12/05/2022 3:56:03 PM by 1 reply.
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Rescue Plans & Procedures as part of Confined Space

11-05-2022 03:37 PM
Goldenfields Water County Council
by Goldenfields Water County Council
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Hi All,
I am just wondering if there are any LWU's out there that provide staff rescue training, procedures and management plans as part of their confined space operations? Historically every Council i have worked for provided a rescue plan of "ring 000". Some of my staff have had recent refresher training and believe that Rescue should be considered by Council; however i am very hesitent in considering this as i do not believe Council should enter this area of business and should leave this work to emergancy services.
It would be much appreciated if anyone could provide some feedback if they do and if so, any documentation they would be willing to share for my review.
Geoff Veneris

Re: Rescue Plans & Procedures as part of Confined Space

12-05-2022 03:56 PM
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Hi Geoff, I think that as an example of good practice, Council staff shouldn't conduct the rescue. There are many reasons why, including the need to call for paramedics anyway for medical assistance, the amount of time an incapacitated worker has remained
suspended in a harness cutting off blood flow to the legs. These are best dealt with by Fire & Rescue and Ambulance, they are specifically trained and equipped for rescue. However there are proactive ways to shorten response times, such as informing emergency
agencies before conducting a planned confined space entry - staff contacts, times, and places - and talking with them generally about your work methods and equipment and what their notification needs might be. Cheers Brendan Guiney | Executive Officer | Water
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