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Griffith Water Treatment Plant - Clearwater Tank Bypass

Last Post 10/01/2022 6:09:00 PM by 0 reply.
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Griffith Water Treatment Plant - Clearwater Tank Bypass

10-01-2022 06:09 PM
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Griffith City Council need to do some concrete refurbishment at the Griffith Water Treatment plant in the next 24 months. Part of this is coating the clearwater tank concrete walls and floor. It is anticipated that the work inside the tank will take more
than 3 weeks.
GCC wants to know if any other Water Utility has done similar work in the past?
Not in relation to the refurbishment work itself, but more in regards to the bypassing of a critical structure in the process, while still providing sufficient
and safe drinking water.
Any information you can share will be much appreciated.
Kind Regards,
Jaco Oppeman
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