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Staff Covid vaccinations

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Staff Covid vaccinations

26-10-2021 01:28 PM
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The risk of contracting Hepatitis B for sewer workers is extremely low, but is greater than the general population, and so ESC requires that all water and sewer staff are vaccinated. 100% are.
We have recently polled our staff for vaccination against Covid-19 --- 95% are vaccinated, consistent with the general population. The staff that aren't vaccinated against Covid advised that they were only vaccinated against Hep B as it was a condition of their employment. They are willing to be vaccinated if it is mandated, as any side effect becomes a workers compensation issue.
Since water and sewer workers are essential workers, the impact on business continuity of being unvaccinated could be considered a valid reason to require vaccination against Covid (currently, the isolation period for a close contact is 7 days for a vaccinated person and 14 days for an unvaccinated person).
We could accept that 95% vaccination is a great result (which could vary over time) and that staff taking additional leave is no different to staff taking different amounts of leave due to varied family circumstances), or we could simply add Covid-19 vaccination to the list of pre-employment requirements (i.e. new staff), alongside the requirement for Hepatitis B vaccination.
Thoughts? Have any Council's discussed this issue internally?
Brett Corven
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