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State Government Development Assessment Portal

Last Post 15/01/2021 1:37:17 PM by Tweed Shire Council. 1 reply.
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State Government Development Assessment Portal

17-12-2020 11:39 AM
Shoalhaven City Council
by Shoalhaven City Council
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As you would probably all be aware the State Government is requiring all DA's to be submitted through their online DA services as of 1 July 2020. With this new portal there is no process in place to require applications to apply for a Certificate of Compliance under the Water Management Act Section 305 to 307.
How are Council dealing with these applications to ensure water and sewer related matters are addressed during the referral process?

Re: State Government Development Assessment Portal

15-01-2021 01:37 PM
Tweed Shire Council
by Tweed Shire Council
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At Tweed Shire Council there is little change to the s305/s306/s307 approval process.
Here is what we have been advised.
From 1 January 2021 the following four applications are now lodged via the NSW Planning Portal:
  • development applications
  • construction certificates for building works only (no provision has been made to allow subdivision works certificates as yet)
  • complying development certificates, and
  • private certifier certificates
[b]What does this mean for the Water & Wastewater?[/b]
W&WW have a number of ‘ancillary applications’ often associated with development applications:
  • Water Meter Applications
  • S68 Applications
  • LTW Applications
  • S305 applications
For these there will be two paths:
  • Ancillary applications lodged as a package with a DA through NSW Planning Portal
  • Standalone ancillary applications lodged directly with Council
[b]Ancillary applications lodged as a package with DA through NSW Planning Portal[/b]
Customer registers account and lodges DA through NSW Planning portal (application is a webform – no longer will use Councils DA Application form)
  • Customer may also lodge ancillary applications (e.g. water meter, s305, driveway, stormwater etc) with the DA. Customer will need to go to Council’s website and fill in the relevant Council application forms and lodges these as attachments through the planning portal.
  • Council will be notified that an application has been lodged through the portal.
  • Council officer will extract the ancillary applications from the DA package in the portal and forward to the relevant Council Unit to process as normal.
[b] [b]Standalone ancillary applications lodged directly with Council[/b][/b]
No change to current processes – Customer will lodge through Council's website as normal.
Hope this information helps.
Elizabeth Seidl
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