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Policy for Compensation to customers for Discoloured / contaminated water

Last Post 1/04/2020 10:22:40 AM by Brendan Guiney. 1 reply.
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Policy for Compensation to customers for Discoloured / contaminated water

30-03-2020 04:52 PM
Hilltops Council
by Hilltops Council
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Good afternoon all,
I am investigating a policy that would deal with compensation to customers having discoloured water coming into their properties from the Council mains
Two situations arise being sudden temporary disruption to water quality resulting from main breaks both during and after the repair ( Council is absolved under the Civil Liabilities Act sec 43 and 43A providing it was unreasonable to prevent )
Secondly there is the case of water quality degradation around late spring (Increased demand and hence increased pipe velocities that disturb solids in the pipes. council carries out an air scouring program around November. Some specific properties cop more than their fair share of poor quality water.
My questions are
1. Do other LWU's have a compensation policy in place?
2. For those that do, I would be very pleased to receive details
3. Particularly, a policy that relates to claims for compensation of damaged clothing (currently this is refused ) and damage to appliances
4 Credits for "wasted water" in householders having to flush their systems
Thanking everyone for your attention
Philip Glover Hilltops Council water and Sewerage Projects Engineer 02 6384 2523

Re: Policy for Compensation to customers for Discoloured / contaminated water

01-04-2020 10:22 AM
Brendan Guiney
by Brendan Guiney
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Hi Philip,
I don't know if many NSW Councils have a rebate policy, but I'm happy to be corrected! Sydney Water has one, which you could consider using as a starting point: An additional comment - a flushing episode normally would only use a few dollars of water, so the rebate or credit would need to be reflective of the inconvenience to customers rather than the actual cost of the water. Council could also consider directly compensating for actual costs of damaged clothing where it was obviously caused by poor water quality.
Attention should also be paid to water quality Critical Control Points for turbidity and chlorine residual. You should discuss any ongoing water quality issues with your local Public Health Unit at NSW Health, and regional inspector at DPIE.
Brendan Guiney | Executive Officer | Water Directorate
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