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Direct connection of fire pumps to retic and trunk water mains

Last Post 1/11/2019 4:05:44 PM by Goldenfields Water County Council. 1 reply.
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Direct connection of fire pumps to retic and trunk water mains

31-10-2019 01:51 PM
Shoalhaven City Council
by Shoalhaven City Council
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Shoalhaven Water has historically rejected applications to directly pump from water reticulation and trunk main to service fire fight requirements of developments. With the ongoing changes to standards these requests appear to be coming more regularly so I ask the question what do other in the industry do?
Do you permit direct connection of fire fighting pumps to your reticulated water mains?
What requirements do you have in relation to these connection if you do?
Has anyone quantified the risk of allowing connection?
Any feedback would be appreciated.

Re: Direct connection of fire pumps to retic and trunk water mains

01-11-2019 04:05 PM
Goldenfields Water County Council
by Goldenfields Water County Council
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Hi, Goldenfields Water is recieiving these requests more and more as well. This is mainly due to the seperation of the water supply Authority and the GP Council's approving DA applications for commercial and industrial developments without discussing with us first. Basically for us, we have the GP Councils approving developments within a hard to service area and imposing significant fire fighting requirements as part of that development. Developers are then coming to us requesting a significant connection/s and we are declining them due to the locality and inability to service their development from our current infrastruture. This is obviously painting us as the bad people with the developers because the costs associated with facilitating these developments are significant. What we have done in the past is approved a typical available connection and then required the developer to install onsite storage to cater for their fire fighting requirements. We do not approve any pumps direct to our mains as this will cause serious impacts on the retic and cause major discoloured water issues for us to chase if this were to occur.
Cheers Geoff
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