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Electricity Supply - Planned Outages

Last Post 1/02/2019 9:20:23 AM by 1 reply.
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Electricity Supply - Planned Outages

30-01-2019 03:05 PM
Goldenfields Water County Council
by Goldenfields Water County Council
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Hi All, Just wondering if anyone else is currently having any issues with trying to convince their energy suppliers to not have outages during water supply peak demand periods? We have recently had some serious issues of outages (both notified and not even notified planned outages) and had to issue warning letters to isolated customers from our water supply schemes when we cannot gain alternate dates for "planned" outages by Esseential Energy. We have written to them, rung them and yelled at them with no appropriate repsonse yet. Just wondering if anyone has successfully gained an MOU or similar agreement with a supplier. Apparantly we are not deemed as a critical operation and couldnt even warrant an emergancy after hours call out when their assest failed. Regards Geoff 0437974730

Re: Electricity Supply - Planned Outages

01-02-2019 09:20 AM
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Hi Geoff, we share your frustration up here at MidCoast. We've sat down with Essential after major outages to try and get some better planning and communication going with some success. Essential are supposed to have a planned maintenance schedule which they share with us, but we often experience cancellations after we have organised and connected generators to our assets. Thankfully at least the planned outage notification seems to be working well enough up here. At the end of the day Essential Energy and water utilities are both essential services. They need to maintain their service of course but we also need more recognitiion that we have a service to maintain as well. I do think there is a role for the Water Directorate to raise this with senior Essential management on behalf of all utilities. Hope we can get this on the agenda for the next Water Directorate meeting in March. If there's no MOU at the moment, then perhaps we can develop one. Cheers, Brendan Guiney, MidCoast Council.
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