O&M Manual for Water Supply Service Reservoirs - 2010

Water supply service reservoirs are virtually automatic in operation and usually unattended. Therefore, there is a tendency not to have some form of routine inspection regime for the facility, and subsequently a preventative maintenance program does not exist or is often ignored. To ensure reliable and cost-effective operation of these facilities, an on-going program of systematic inspections, preventative maintenance and equipment overhaul (where applicable) is necessary.

The O&M Manual for Water Supply Service Reservoirs was developed in a template format so that any water authority can easily use it to suit their specific local installations and conditions. The users of this manual will be those local government authorities throughout NSW responsible for the operation and maintenance of water supply service reservoirs. 

This document is available in 2 formats: hardcopy and pdf download. Please note that if you want to be able to edit the document you should purchase the hardcopy version which includes a CD Rom with the necessary files.

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